About Us


A 100 % subsidiary of United Shippers Limited

Based and registered in Dubai Maritime City

Charters vessels for various clients and specializes in commodities like Iron ore, Cement clinker, Aggregates, Jumbo bags, Bauxite, Laterite, coal, Gypsum, Petcoke, Met coke and any other dry bulk cargo.

The company’s dedicated staff handles full chartering operations ranging from vessel fixing to operating on a time charter and voyage charter basis.

The Compnay has sucessfully commenced its first cargo handling operations at Dhoa Jetty,Qatar.. 

USL NMM Logistics Limited 

A 100 % subsidiary of United Shippers Limited

The main business of the company is to own and operate grabs. The company owns 13 SMAG Radio Remote controlled Grabs of different variants; 10cbm, 8cbm and 5 cbm.

USL Packaging Limited

A 100 % subsidiary of United Shippers Limited

The company owns a Compac 140 fully automatic Bagging machine with fully flexible conveyor systems which help machines to be mobile and work in conditions where direct loading facilities are not available.

The Machines are ideal to bag free flowing cargo including fertilizers, grains, rice, sugar etc. into bags ranging from 10kg bags to 100kg bags.

USL Logistics Private Limited

(Formerly known as USL Coeclerici Logistics Private Limited)

A 100% subsidiary of United Shippers Limited

The company is based in Mumbai and owns  4 floating cranes which are used to load and unload cargo from gearless and capesize vessels. Each floating crane has different  capacity to load and  unload the cargo ranging from 8000 mts  to 12000mts in a day. The purpose of the company is to provide mid-stream unloading of bulk cargo..


Shakti Clearing Agency Private Limited

A 100% subsidiary of United Shippers Limited

This Company has a 90 mtrs jetty leased from Gujarat Maritime Board, Gujarat alongwith back up area at Bedi Port to use on exclusive basis to handle the dry bulk cargo. Your company has been working and handling cargo from this port.